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Great Game

Love this game....very challenging 💕

Word mocha

Great game and challenging which I needed due to head injury.

Word Mocha

This game is addictive.


This is an entertains game, although as many have said probably too many ads take you away from it. Very distracting, Yes I know I could pay to take away the ads 😩 Still an addictive game.


Great game! I enjoy it a lot!

Love it


Love it

Really fun. Quick game




Keeps you on your toes!

Mucho Mocha

Addictive fun game very absorbing makes you think.


Fun game. Great exercise for the brain


Good game for everyone



Fun but

I am an epileptic and the flashing ads that come up so frequently initiate focal seizures for me. Love the game; hate the uncomfortable, disconcerting effects of the flashing that causes the seizures.

Fun Game and Addictive

As addictive as Wordscapes. Like the different format.


A lot of fun. Keeps your mind going!!

Love it

This game is great

It freezes up constantly!

I’ve had to reinstall it three times in the last 15 minutes or so. So augmented with the constant ads? I’m about to delete it permanently. Too bad, since it’s a fun game.


Great and challenging game. Also very relaxing.

Word Mocha

I love “Word Mocha!” So fun and addicting, get this if u love word games!!!!!!!'!! !!!!!!!

Very addictive

I don’t want to stop playing this game.

Fun game

Keeps your attention


Great word game! Very addicting!

Mocha Fun!☕️

This a fun game! It starts out simple and then the challenges grow!


Any coffee themed game is A-OK with me.

Morning mocha

Fun, relaxing, goal setting.


You ever step in something wet and look at the bottom of your foot to see what it is, and you’re looking at this dirty, wet, wrinkled sole of your foot? That’s what Frankie Muniz kinda looks like.


Can’t stop playing

Interactive and reassuring

Thank you :)

Easy word game.

Mind game

Super fun

This is a fun game for breaks, and it’s not too hard. Love it!

Surprisingly tricky

Good brain teaser. Hope it will help me recognize patterns faster!


Wonderful game

Awesome game

You will get hooked

Addicting !

Super doooper addicting . Makes you wanna play all day.

Word mocha

Keeps my mind active!

Word mocha

Love it...fun...moves very fast...



Word Mocha Rocks!

A delicious fun game! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻!

I love the game but I think you take to many points for hints

I love the game I play all the time but I think you take to many points for hints

Word mocha

Great fun game!

Great game

Not much to say, except that I love this game!

{{LOVE This Game}}

I’m hooked on this game, also Wordscape and Wordscapes Cross, check them out but BEWARE because their addicting!!! Youl be captivated for not minutes but hours of never-ending Wordscapes of Fun, TRY IT!!!! Bet Youl be hooked too 😬

Love this game

It’s one of my favorite games

Great Game

Unless you want to keep buying those coins be mindful that some words are used very frequently. Those get me every time and when they come up I’m always am on my last word and not enough coins to buy a hint. Be careful people or you’ll be broke in no time !!


Something to do to keep your mind working without being too frustrating. Good game to pass the time.

Awesome game!

I personally enjoy this one more than the nature scene. It’s cleaner, straight forward and lots of fun!


This is a bit more challenging than Wordscapes. Both games are engrossing.


Awesome Game!!!


Fun fast pace game

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