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New puzzles

I have finished all levels. When are there going to be new ones?

Love it

Great game


Awesome game

Great game!


Word Mocha

A really fun game! Just need a way to get hints when you’re stuck.

Great game

I love playing this game it makes me think it sharpens my mind thank you

Word Mocha

Totally Awesome!Challenging yourself to find as many words as you can within a jumble of letters😃

Word mocha is better than caffeine!

I love it, helps my memory, I’m addicted

Great game

Worth playing.


Very addictive word game! Love

Word Mocha

Very calming puzzle. This is my go to puzzle when I am resting.Dottym

Good game

Alot of these type of games out there. This keeps you entertained.

This game causes my phone to overheat?

I love this game but it causes my phone to overheat after about 10 mins of play. I deleted and reinstalled it but no change. Anyone else have this problem? (I have no problem with my phone overheating otherwise).

Fun and soothing

I enjoy the calming music, the vibrant graphics. The game is enjoyable and challenging. Feels good.


Great game!


I love this game and it is so relaxing and great to kill time


Great game that’s soothing, while entertaining.

Love it

Really addicting

Fun and relaxing.

Enjoyable game.


I play this all the time...love it


Love it

Love this game. I LOVE COFFEE

This is an amazing game! Keep making more games.


I love this game!

Word mocha

Fun game 👍

Great brain game!

Keeps one thinking!!

Word mocha

Love the game. Can’t stop playing it.

Fun Game

This keeps those brain cells working. Some game are real easy, then the next will make you work for it. Love it!

Great Fun!

Fun, educational and modern!


Challenging fun. What more can you ask?

Love it!

It is a great game!👍


As addictive as Wordscapes and as much fun.

Fun game

I have a great time killing time with this app.

Great , you also learn new vocabulary

Love It lay daily

Great game!

Always fun! Challenging and a great brain builder!

Awesome Game


Lots of Fun!!!

Love playing this game, it’s fast and fun. Just wish you could get coins for completing each section! But still like it.


It's addicting. Love this game. Try it.

Mentally challenging

Excellent at making you think of simple words.

Love it!

So relaxing.

Grand Ma

Great game

Word mocha

This game is addictive!

Entertainment to make you think

I’m hooked on Word Mocha. When I think I’m done for the night I see the next group of letters and then I’m hooked for another 20 minutes!

Mindful Game

I liked this game .It is really enjoyable and brainy



Fun Game

This is a fun game.

Good game

Word Mocha is just the amount of challenge I need. Some words are hard to find, but are usually words I know.

Great game

I am amazed at how many words I can make out of a few letters

Word Mocha

Love word games

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